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The Duke of Oil — Buy Nothing New for a Year!

The caveat to a quick story of how I saved money on having someone else change my oil for me: while I have images-1all of the tools and know-how necessary to change my own oil, we purchased a very large pickup truck from my Dad at the end of last year, and quite honestly, the thought of crawling underneath it scares the bejeez out of me. Essentially, I’ve got all of the required tools, and none of the guts. Before our garage substituted as a storage facility for our resale business, it was my own personal vocational ed school. I learned quite a bit out there on these two awesome old Volvo wagons we used to own, using little more than a book and an online forum, and those experiences and that knowledge definitely shaped who I am now. However, this guy is not quite ready to get underneath a two-ton truck. Not yet, anyway… Read more