Thrift & Thrive is primarily stocked through generous donations from within the community, which allow us to offer others in our community quality goods at affordable prices. We do occasionally purchase some items depending on seasonality. All of these goods are recycled and money stays within the community, making us all stronger economically and making our neighborhood a more desirable place to live. We strive to only offer used goods that are in top quality condition, and we use only all natural cleaners where necessary.

If you have unwanted items that can be reused, please consider donating them back into your community. For your generous donations, we offer a tax receipt and a thank you coupon for use on a purchase within our store.

We’ll accept any items that are in good condition, including clothing, household goods, media, furniture, toys, etc. If you have a large amount to donate, we can pick it up, please call us to schedule a pick up.

We also can help if you have a full house that you need to clean out by packing, loading up, and hauling out all items that can be reused. We also pick up left over estate sale and garage sale items. Please call us with any questions and to schedule the pick up.


  1. Karen eberenz says:

    Can we drop off donations during normal business hours?

  2. Margaret says:

    Hello. Do you guys take old magazines? UsWeekly, Womens Health, Cosmo etc Thanks!

  3. BrianR says:

    Do you take books? Anything in particular? DVDs?

  4. Charles Grant says:

    You mentioned a tax receipt for donations. Are donations to you tax deductable?

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