Out With the Old, In With the New — Buy Nothing New for a Year

Someone walked out of our shop this morning shortly after discovering that all we sold was second hand goods. It put quite an interesting perspective on our new year’s resolution and made me realize how thankful I am that I was raised with the ability to see past that categorization of “new vs. used” and look more at condition, cost, and usefulness. If anything, being the second (if not third, or tenth) owner of something has always added value for me, in the sense that these once new, lifeless objects now possess a certain warmth after they were loved by someone else, if however briefly, before me.

We’re in the process of remodeling the store, and getting ready to begin renovations on the basement which will soon double our size! Right now we’ve got an expected completion date somewhere around the end of March. The next few weeks should see us busy, not only supervising the general contractors, but as well building some fixtures out of bits and pieces and painting/refinishing some used furniture that we purchased today. The first fixture that needs fixing is a proper display for children’s toys, and I found some solid wooden click-couch legs that I’m most likely going to be using in this project. Plan on seeing some pictures of that later this week. As for the furniture, we’ve acquired (used, of course!) some nice old pine hutches to better display our kitchen/dish ware and will soon be sending those gondola shelves back to the 1980’s grocery store they crawled out from under…

The last few days I have felt that maybe this resolution of ours isn’t that big of a deal, especially considering the fact that everyone seems to be cutting back in many ways lately. Then someone walked out of our store without even looking at what we had to offer, simply because it wasn’t new. Perhaps our shop, or our challenge to ourselves will one day inspire someone to think differently about their own personal beliefs or habits, and that is pretty cool. This update is late and short, but I’m doing my best to keep the pace up and reflect on every little bit that we do this year to honor our commitments for the new year. I read today that somewhere around only 12% of the population is still on track with their resolutions. Of course, they also said that 79% of Americans didn’t have a resolution at all. Hmm. Sign of the times? I know that our treadmill isn’t getting any less dusty, but we’re determined to keep avoiding new goods at all costs in 2013.


What do you think?