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The Hole in Our 7-Year-Old’s Wallet — Buy Nothing New for a Year!

We dodged one more in a long line of “but why can’t we just get this…?” questions this weekend with our son, -2Liam. He’s a fantastic kid for those that are lucky enough to know him, and he really doesn’t want for much at all. In fact, he drew us a picture back in the beginning days of our “Nothing New for a Year” resolution to show his unwavering support and dedication to our mission. But he’s 7. And, like most 7-year-old’s, he has very little concept of time. I realized this on Saturday when he exclaimed that “it’s been 2 years since we started buying nothing new…” and so why can’t we get…….?! I, of course, met him back with a soft reminder that it has only been two months, and that we have quite a long way to go. His toddler brother seems to share a similar concept of time and space, and just yesterday when asked his age, let a new friend know that he was 60 years old. Read more