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Spring Broke — Buy Nothing New for a Year!

It’s never easy trying to run a family business with small children at your heels, as we’ve begun to really understand this last year. It is especially difficult when school is on Spring break, there is an unexpected loss in the family, and you’re already not sure what you’re going to do with the family to make this “vacation week” a little more fun. Such is the case for us right now.

We were saddened to learn of the passing of Melissa’s paternal Grandmother, or “Nonnie” as her Great-Grandchildren call her. At over 91 years of age, she was an inspiration to all of us with her strength and stature–larger than life and tougher than nails. Even her Preacher recently remarked at how she was “stronger than a horse!” Grandmother leaves behind a tremendous (I mean HUGE) family spread as far as Kuala Lumpur to the West and Chicago to the East. And while unfortunately it was absolutely impossible for her one daughter (the aforementioned family currently living in Malaysia) to make it home for her services, it was absolutely necessary to find a way to at least get Melissa back to her family in New Mexico.

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